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Ginza Onodera auctioned the first tuna in 2024 for $790,000

Toyosu Fish Market in Japan Sells Tuna for $790,000

The 2024 New Year's auction at Tokyo's Toyosu Fish Market witnessed a historic catch, marking a new tradition and embodying a spirit of resilience in the wake of tragedy.

Strawberry short cake from Takashimaya being a disaster

Takashimaya Cake Crumble: Christmas Catastrophe

A major mishap at Takashimaya, a Japanese department store chain that sells various products, dampened Christmas festivities in Japan.

Japanese Ice Cream Manufacturer Akagi-Nyugyo's Iconic Ice Cream "Garigari-kun" package

Japanese Consumers Favorably Accept Price Hike in Ice Cream

On December 20th, the company Akagi-Nyugyo announced its famous “Garigari-kun” ice cream will rise in cost for the first time in eight years. Starting March 1st, 2024, ice cream like fan favorite “Garigari-kun Soda” will...

"zouzei-megane (tax hike glasses)" being sold on amazon in Japan

Japanese Public Mocks PM Kishida with "Tax Hike Glasses"

A Japanese business has recently sold real "tax hike glasses," a meme that has taken off in Japan. SAWADA PLATEC, a small acrylic manufacturer in Saitama prefecture, currently sells the physical "zouzei-megane (tax hike ...

Nitori's blanket neatly laid on the bed

“Smartphone Blanket” Goes Viral in Japan

As energy costs soar in Japan, home goods that conserve power draw interest. Thicker clothing substitutes heating. Seeking further warmth minus electric bills, Nitori developed its “Smartphone Blanket.” The concept combi...

Head Priest of Kiyomizu Temple writing "ze" for "tax" to represent the concerns for 2023

Kanji Character for "Tax" Chosen to Represent 2023

On December 12th, the Kanji character specifically meaning “tax” was unveiled as the “Kanji of the Year” for 2023 in Kyoto, Japan. The annual tradition is run by the Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Society, which asks the J...

Sanrio's Website "Enjoy Idol Series" for Oshikatsu Fans

Sanrio Develops Goods for Japan’s “Oshikatsu” Idol Subculture

A Japanese brand, Sanrio - a company famous for its characters such as Hello Kitty and Gudetama - recently launched a specialty product line called the “Enjoy Idol Series.” This line of products target the country’s nume...

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